Hunting The Devil

Citizen X

Doctor Satan
2 August
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Convicted mass murderer.
abattoir, aborted, accept, acdc, acid bath, agoraphobic nosebleed, alice cooper, american psycho, anal cunt, annihilator, anthrax, arch enemy, argento, bathory, black label society, bruce dickinson, brujeria, brutal truth, buckethead, burnt by the sun, burzum, cannibal corpse, carcass, celtic frost, clutch, cock and ball torture, cornbugs, coroner, cradle of filth, crematory, cryptopsy, death, death cube k, deicide, deli creeps, destruction, dimmu borgir, dismember, dream theater, dying fetus, entombed, exhumed, exodus, faith no more, fantomas, fear factory, fight, fuck on the beach, fulci, gnr, gorelord, grip inc, halford, homestarrunner, horror, hypocrisy, iced earth, immortal, impaled, impaled nazarene, iron maiden, iron miaden, isis, judas priest, kataklysm, king diamond, king's x, kreator, lupin, macabre, machine head, malevolent creation, marduk, mass murderers, mastodon, mayhem, megadeth, melvins, mercyful fate, metal, metal church, mod, morbid angel, mortician, motorhead, mr bungle, murderdolls, mushroomhead, my dying bride, nasum, necrophagia, neurosis, nevermore, nuclear assault, obituary, opeth, overkill, pantera, pig destroyer, praxis, primus, pro pain, prong, prostethic cunt, public enemy, rage, regurgitate, rob zombie, sabbath, satyricon, savatage, scissorfight, scorpions, sepultura, sigh, skid row, skinlab, skinless, skyclad, slayer, sod, sodom, soilent green, soilwork, soulfly, strong bad, suffocation, suicidal tendencies, sworn enemy, tankard, testament, the beyond, the chasm, the haunted, today is the day, tomahawk, trouble, venom, vital remains, whiplash, white zombie, witchery, yngwie, zakk wylde, zyklon